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This wiki is a fan-made, community maintained resource for Yomi: Fighting Card Game, a fixed-deck tabletop card game created by David Sirlin of Sirlin Games.

It aims to be an encyclopedic resource for Yomi, including both historic and new information about Yomi (the game), those who contributed to it, and what has happened and is happening in the Yomi community.

About Yomi Edit

Yomi is a simple competitive card game that simulates a battle between two characters. Each deck represents one character and doubles as a regular deck of playing cards.

Each deck has 56 cards: 52 poker cards with markings to play Yomi, 2 Jokers, 1 character card, and 1 rules card. The 2-10 cards are attacks, blocks, dodges, and throws. Face cards are special moves, while Aces are super moves. Most cards have a different move along the top and bottom edges. The object of the game is to reduce the opponent's hit points to zero through winning combats and performing combos.

"Yomi" is Japanese for "reading", as in reading the mind of the opponent. The Yomi card game is designed to distill the high-level mind games from fighting game tournaments into a simple card game that, itself, stands up to serious tournament play.

Yomi teaches you to pay atterntion to small clues that indicate how people think and act. Developing your Yomi might give you an edge in other games and even in other areas of life.

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